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About Me


Pure Poodle Puppy Love was created on the passion of poodles! 

We are a family of five and together my husband and I are raising three wonderful daughters.  We are fortunate to live in a beautiful rural setting in Prince George, British Columbia.

After our third daughter was born, we decided we wanted to add a dog to our family.  Everyone was excited to be part of the process and find the breed that would best suit our family.  We wanted a dog that was intelligent, shed free, zero aggression and be able to keep up with our active lifestyle!  The poodle was at the top of our search results.  We didn't know a lot about the breed and the idea of a poodle seemed a silly choice at first.  We thought poodles were high maintenance with fancy hairdos and were more of a show dog than a family dog.  We were so wrong!


Family 2018.jpg

After a lot of research, watching poodle testimonials and speaking with many breeders, we were sold on the breed.  They are so much more than we expected.  Our stigmas were not at all true.  The poodle was originally a water retriever and are renowned for their playful but dignified personality.  Poodles excel at performance sports such as obedience, agility and hunting.  But most importantly of all, the poodle is a people friendly dog and is very affectionate to their family.  And I have to say, being shed free is nice too! 

We were so intrigued and excited  to find the perfect one, the mission started!  We were looking to find a line that was owned and bred clear of disease for generations, as we wanted our pet to live a healthy lengthy life.  After some time and a little luck, Annie was found!  Annie stole our hearts with her unique amber eyes and deep red colour. 

During our first 8 months with Annie we learned all the qualities a poodle had to offer.  We realized what we had and we wanted to add another poodle to our family.  Then we thought to ourselves, with all our hearts, that everyone needed to experience what we were experiencing!

This is when Pure Poodle Puppy Love was born!  We decided we wanted to provide families with what we felt was important in a family pet:  health, intelligence, non aggressive, family orientated, athletic, shed free/hypoallergenic, longevity and an eye appealing classy look!  We really did our research in choosing our poodles, as we wanted to find the purest line that could ensure us our dogs would last to their intended life span without illness, disease or physical complications. 

Growing this business of creating the perfect poodle for families and dog owners from all walks of life has become our passion. We are proud to share our line with those that are looking for a loving family pet or a working dog.  We now have three dogs from our pervious litters on their way to becoming therapy dogs.  We are so proud of them!  This is another example of what this breed is capable of.  With our strong commitment in breeding high quality, healthy dogs and along with my continuous support, I hope you consider us when you are looking for your new companion.  Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Poodle Cottage

The Poodle Cottage

The Poodle Cottage was built in 2017.  It's a brand new facility for us!  We treat this cottage as a seasonal day retreat for the puppies in the non winter months.  I want to stress that the puppies are born in our home and remain there with us for three to four weeks before they get to venture to their new play area.  They return to our home for multiple day visits to learn stairs, noise and how to potty train in the house.  This facility is only used in the warmer months when my poodle posse can enjoy the days outside.  Puppies take turns venturing out into our 2 acre yard for some supervised playtime.  They get to spend quality time with our children, friends and our other dogs building confidence and learning valuable lessons from the others.  

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