Visitation Policy


We respectively ask that you understand our limitations we set for visiting our puppies.  During the time we have puppies we need you to respect the health of the puppies and prefer not to have extra visitors due to the safety of the puppies.  When it is time to pick your puppy, we will welcome you into our home for a short while to choose the best suited puppy.  We encourage you to choose a puppy for his/her temperament not colour/markings.  If you are out of town, we will assist you with temperament match as well as face-time/videos to help, make your very exciting decision.  Before you come into our home, we ask you to have on clean clothes.  Please do not just come from town shopping.  What you pick up from town can kill the whole litter of puppies.  We ask that you only bring the people in the immediate family that will be living with the puppy. Your will be asked to wash your hands, take off shoes and jackets outside the puppy room.


 Please do not bring extended family to help you make the decision unless they are there interested in a puppy for themselves.  This will be YOUR puppy, please choose a puppy that best suits your lifestyle.  We also ask if bringing young children, you respect that they will not be allowed in the puppy pen as kids are very excited, causing the puppies to get more excited and kids naturally want to pick up puppies and we do not allow as these are other families puppies too and we cannot risk a puppy getting dropped accidentally. Again, picking a puppy for their temperament that bests suit your lifestyle is best picked from a mature family member.


Safety of the Pups:

  1. Pup’s immune systems are very immature. Many unsuspecting visitors have brought disease (parvovirus, distemper, etc) with them when visiting pups, the result of which is the death of the entire litter. We personally know breeders that have lost entire litters to parvovirus brought in by visitors.


  1. Stressed out Moms create stressed out pups. A new mother is emotionally charged and in hyper protective mode. When a stranger comes to visit, Mom becomes stressed causing her body to create cortisol, which goes into the milk. The puppies consume this cortisol rich milk and become stressed themselves. So please understand that if or when you do come her that Moms are in protective mode and may bark a lot and growl. Standard Poodles are not an aggressive breed, they are simply protecting their young.


  1. Panicked Moms hurt pups. When a stranger comes to visit Mom’s state of mind changes rapidly. She feels threatened and moves quickly to assess the threat. Many Moms have unintentionally stepped on or crushed a pup in their urgency to get out of the whelping box to assess the threat.



With all of this said. Your puppy will only have immunities from mom and your optional first vaccine when it leaves here.  Your puppy may NOT BE FULLY PROTECTED until the immunities are built up.  Preferably naturally! It is recommended to do a titer blood test through you veterinarian before administering further vaccinations. You should treat your puppy as a new baby and limit high traffic locations such as the floors of your pet store, veterinarian, dog parks and sniffing unknown dogs.


We thank you for your understanding that we will not compromise on the health and safety of our pups and hope you see this as a positive quality of a reputable breeder. We are more than happy to send pictures, videos or face-time with you.