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The Breeder guarantees that the puppy is in good health and free of communicable diseases (I.E parvo, Distemper) at the time of sale and has been health cleared as per Breeder’s Veterinarian exam noted on your puppy’s health card. The Buyer has 3 days from the delivery/pick up date to have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian, at the Buyer’s sole cost. If the puppy fails the examination, the Buyer may return the puppy with a written statement from the veterinarian for full refund. Failure by Buyer to have the puppy examined within the 3-day period will nullify this warranty. Keep your dated proof of health exam receipt. If the puppy fails the health exam and the Buyer chooses to keep the puppy as is, no replacement will be given and all medical costs and treatment are solely the responsibility of the Buyer and the health guarantee will be null and void.

The Breeder guarantees the Sire and Dam of the puppy have been health tested and are free of genetic disease through Paw Print Genetics. Breeder offers a warranty for 12 months after the date of sale against any debilitating congenital defects (present at birth) that is testable through the genetic company Paw Print Genetics. If there is evidence that a congenital defect is present the Buyer must supply proof of this affected disease through documentation from Paw Print Genetics at the cost of the Buyer and any requested veterinarian records to the Breeder to which the Breeder reserves the right to have the diagnosis confirmed. If the diagnosis is confirmed, the Buyer has the option of (1) either a replacement puppy from the next available litter of equal value or (2) reimbursement (up to the purchase price of the original puppy) of veterinary expenses related to that specific illness.


Your puppy need NOT be returned to us. Shipping fees will not be refunded, and if it becomes necessary to ship a replacement puppy, those fees are to be paid by the Buyer. If the puppy should die from a suspected congenital defect within 24 months of its date of purchase, an autopsy must be performed at the buyer’s expense by a veterinarian teaching hospital or state licensed DVM acceptable to Dawn Rodgerson’s own veterinarian.  If the autopsy shows a congenital defect as the reason for the death, the Breeder will provide another puppy. This warranty is void in the event of an indeterminable or inconclusive diagnosis.


This warranty does NOT cover viral illnesses, coccidia/giardia, cherry eye, entropion, ectropion, allergies, undescended testicles, loose knees or hips, stenotic nares, elongated soft pallet, umbilical hernia, improper bite, crooked teeth missing teeth, hypoglycaemia, anal gland issues, worms, dermatitis, demodectic mange, or ear infections, urinary track infections and or cancers.  It also does not include any illness due to the ingestion of foreign objects, food, chemicals or physical injury. Do to the untestable natural of an unaffected Dam or Sire and unpredictability of the illness this warranty does not cover Addison's disease.

Buyer is responsible for all medical costs of their puppy. (No refunds will be given) Buyer agrees to administer subsequent deworming which is supplied by the breeder two weeks from the first date of deworming administered. The buyer agrees to have their veterinarian administer the 2nd Vaccine during four weeks after the 1st at the age of 12 weeks and the 3rd Vaccine four weeks after the 2nd at the age of 16 weeks. The vaccinations are required for health warranty, so keep your receipts. Buyer agrees that they have the understanding that the puppy is unprotected until two weeks after the last vaccine and will protect the puppy from outside pathogens.  

Breeder offers 1 year of age hip and elbow guarantee on any puppy found to have moderate or severely affected hip or elbow dysplasia.


The following applies: The puppy must have an x-ray by your veterinarian at your expense to confirm the diagnosis and it must be documented by an official OFA/Pennhip certification.

Positioning of the x-ray must be approved by Dawn Rodgerson’s veterinarian. Should the puppy be diagnosed with moderate or a severe rating, then the buyer will receive a full refund of the purchase price.

Again, x-rays must be taken by your vet and sent to either OFA or Pennhip and come back with a moderate or severe rating of hip dysplasia.


Orthopedic Issues: The most common, the most misunderstood and taken advantage of warranty issue concerning purebred dogs. Just because your puppy’s parents have passed their Orthopedic Exams and are certified, does not mean your puppy will never develop a problem with his or her joints. Joint Issues such a Canine Hip Dysplasia are POYGENIC which means it is controlled by many different genes, but is also INFLUENCED by environment such as obesity, EARLY removal of growth hormones (spaying/neutering), stress to underdeveloped joints and ligaments associated with strenuous exercise before maturity, nutritional deficiencies and so forth.

The Buyer agrees to have the puppy sterilized before the age of 14 months but not before the age of 7 months. Once sterilization is complete, proof must be supplied to the Breeder with the sterilization certificate detailing the puppy’s microchip number from the veterinarian that performed the procedure. A simple receipt will not be accepted as proof. If the puppy is altered prior to its 7th month of age, our 1-year hip warranty will be void.


In the event that the puppy’s health does not allow this agreement to be honoured, Dawn Rodgerson must be provided with a statement from the Buyer’s veterinarian that the puppy is not yet in physical condition for surgery. Based upon the veterinarian’s evaluation of this dog, the Buyer will contact the veterinarian and establish the earliest date that the procedure can be performed.  The Buyer will notify the Breeder of this amendment in writing, at which time all other conditions of this agreement will apply and be enforced.  This is the responsibility of the Buyer, not the veterinarian, to ensure that Dawn Rodgerson has received verification that the surgery has been performed. A copy of the medical record (neuter/spay certificate) as well as the receipt is necessary verification along with the veterinarian’s phone number to follow up about the procedure.


Failure to comply with this agreement by the puppy’s age of 14 months, unless otherwise agreed to in writing, will be considered a breach of the Contract. This contract disallows any breeding of the puppy. If breach of contract occurs legal action will be pursued.


In the unfortunate event that puppy succumb to its demise on or before the 14-month allowable sterilization date, a written statement from the Buyers veterinarian must be sent to the breeder, stating that the puppy has indeed passed away, and the cause of death.


If the said puppy is rehomed before sterilization has occurred, the Breeder must be informed and have first say in the matter, as a new contract and communication must be approved.

Buyer agrees that they have thoroughly researched the Breed and its grooming maintenance and will provide regular upkeep to ensure a healthy coat.

Due to the varying kinds of food and different environmental conditions the puppies come in contact with; and the fact that all puppies have immune systems that take time to mature, the terms of this guarantee will be honoured for an extra 12 months from time of puppy received if they are given NuVet Plus® immune system builder, as directed by the manufacturer, for the entire 24-month period. We also highly recommend you continue to give your pet NuVet Plus beyond the guarantee period to promote optimal health for a lifetime.


Breeder recommends Buyer to follow proper Puppy Culture: “Age Appropriate Exercise Guidelines”, to ensure physical activities do not exceed; to protect growing puppy’s capabilities.

Permanent ownership of the puppy is contingent upon your compliance with this addendum.


The Buyer agrees that this is a legal document and must comply with the above requests.

Visitation Policy


We respectively ask that you understand our limitations we set for visiting our puppies.  During the time we have puppies we need you to respect that the health of the puppies are our prefer not to have extra visitors do to the safety of the puppies.  When it is time to pick your puppy, we will welcome you into our home to for a short while to choose the best suited puppy.  We encourage you to choose a puppy for his/her temperament not colour/markings.  If you are out of town we will assist you with temperament match as well as facetime/videos to help make your very exciting decision.  Before you come into our home we ask you to have on clean clothes.  Please do not just come from town shopping.  What you pick up from town can kill the whole litter of puppies.  We ask that you only bring the people in the immediate family that will be living with the puppy.


 Please do not bring extended family to help you make the decision unless they are there interested in a puppy for themselves.  This will be YOUR puppy, please choose a puppy that best suits your lifestyle.  We also ask if bringing young children, you respect that they will not be allowed in the puppy pen as kids are very excited, causing the puppies to get more excited and kids naturally want to pick up puppies and we do not allow that as these are other families puppies too and we cannot risk a puppy getting dropped accidently. Again, picking a puppy for their temperament that bests suits your lifestyle is best picked from a mature family member.


Safety of the Pups:

  1. Pups immune systems are very immature. Many unsuspecting visitors have brought disease (parvovirus, distemper, etc) with them when visiting pups, the result of which is the death of the entire litter. We personally know breeders that have lost entire litters to parvovirus brought in by visitors.


  1. Stressed out Moms create stressed out pups. A new mother is emotionally charged and in hyper protective mode. When a stranger comes to visit, Mom becomes stressed causing her body create cortisol, which goes into the milk. The puppies consume this cortisol rich milk and become stressed themselves. So please understand that if or when you do come her that Moms are in protective mode and may bark a lot and growl.Standard Poodles are not an aggressive breed, they are simply protecting their young.


  1. Panicked Moms hurt pups. When a stranger comes to visit Mom’s state of mind changes rapidly. She feels threatened and moves quickly to assess the threat. Many Moms have unintentionally stepped on or crushed a pup in their urgency to get out of the whelping box to assess the threat.



With all of this said. Your puppy will only have one vaccine when it leaves here.  Your puppy is NOT PROTECTED until two weeks after he/she receives their 16-week vaccine.  You should treat your puppy with the same safety restrictions I do until that date.  So, mark it on your calendar when you can welcome visitors or other non-family dogs around. 



We thank you for your understanding that we will not compromise on the health and safety of our pups and hope you see this as a positive quality of a reputable breeder. We are more than happy to send pictures, videos or facetime with you.


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