What to feed my new Puppy?

Your puppy was raised on a raw food diet. Please learn more about the raw diet in our Nutrition segment. Although I highly recommend continuing with the raw diet we understand you may not see the full benefits of the raw diet and compliment the work it involves to provide the best possible nutrition for your companion.

We highly suggest speaking with a few pet stores and agreeing on their top quality dog food. One of our suggestions would be Orijen Puppy.

Please have your kibble of choice ready when your puppy arrives. Add a tablespoon of PURE canned pumpkin to each of your puppies meals until you see normal health stools. Kibble is hard to digest then raw food. Only a few days of pumpkin will help your puppy adjust to their new food

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Dog Crates

Another great training tool is a dog crate.

Litter Training Supplies
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All new parents are required to follow:

Puppy Fitness that fits the puppy: Age appropriate exercise guidelines.

14 Pages, including 6 age-appropriate exercise charts. The Puppy Culture Exercise Booklet,

Second Edition, is an important guide to raising a puppy in a healthy and safe way.

If every puppy owner would read and follow these guidelines, a huge number of behavioral issues

and fractures could be avoided! Indispensable for new puppy owners, and great wisdom and guidance

tool for breeders to pass along in puppy packages. Booklet includes the following:

•The article "Puppy Fitness That Fits The Puppy" which outlines the whys and hows of appropriate

puppy exercise and explains growth plates and “toddler fractures” in puppies. The Second Edition

includes information about new studies regarding Hip Dysplasia in puppies.

•Age Appropriate Exercise Guidelines Charts - 6 individual charts - one for each of the following

age ranges:

8-12 weeks old
12-16 weeks old
4-6 months old
6-12 Months old
12-18 months old
18 months to two years old


Puppy Culture - Opening To The Film That Started It All!

 The "why" of Puppy Culture.

To learn more about Puppy Culture training and important information to help assist you with your new puppy please visit the puppy culture Video Library.

Early Neurological Stimulation

Researchers have noted that new born pups are immature and under-developed canines that are sensitive to a restricted class of stimuli which includes thermal and tactile stimulation, motion and locomotion. Dr. Battaglia, discusses and demonstrates how to use the five stimulating exercises that give each pup an advantage.