"I have had Grace for 3 weeks now. She is the sweetest puppy I’ve ever had. She has slept through the nights from night one. She knew from the start that outside is the place to pee and poo. Such a good girl. We have the perfect mix of playful, and snuggley puppy love.


I take her for walks with her collar and leash, and I’m so proud that she walks along without pulling, and keeps up with a joyful bounce in her step. We usually don’t get too far because everyone along the way wants to meet her. She’s so cute and friendly. I love her to bits.


Thank you Dawn for your exceptional planning and care of your dogs. I couldn’t be happier with my special little ginger." ️



"Getting a dog was a tough decision for me. Dawn asked me if I would be Fergie’s guardian as she was the pick of the litter and Dawn wanted to breed her when the time was right for Fergie. I was hesitant at first because I was still reeling from the loss of a husband after 36 years of marriage, a move from my home town, the loss of my best friend Ridley who was my dog for 16 years and my cat Harley who was a part of our family for as long as my dog Ridley was.  So with all this still fresh I didn’t think I had a space in my heart for Fergie. Also along the way I had inherited an old cat that is set in her ways and I wasn’t sure if a puppy was going to upset her and cause problems."

"I think the reason I even considered taking on a dog was that she was a poodle. I had worked and been around a few poodles when I was affiliated with the BC SPCA and was always impressed with the breed. And also having a dog that didn’t shed was a huge bonus. I knew that poodles were smart and had that steady personality that fit into all kinds of lifestyles. Easy to adopt to families with children, single men or women and homes with pets already and those with none."

"So finally I met Fergie when she was 12 weeks old. She was so precious. We eyed each other up and became friends right away. She was the most precious puppy I ever saw. So from there I never looked back. I loaded her into my vehicle and drove five hundred miles with her to my home."

"Fergie is now ten months old. She has come a long way in those short months. She is a happy little girl and her favourite thing is going for a walk on her leash or even better going to the dog park. She is so social. She loves playing with all the other dogs. If there is a dog that is not so friendly Fergie has found that she can outrun most of the dogs and is by my side in no time for protection. She is the fastest runner I’ve ever seen."


"She is loved by all the other dog owners at the park and they all know her name and call her and she is happy to see every one of her friends there.

The other thing she loves is children. My granddaughter is nine and she is the love of Fergie’s life when she visits. The two of them have a ball."

"Fergie has learned her basic commands like sit, stay, come, down, stand and walk on a leash. She also totally impressed me when I taught her to roll over in only three lessons on the living room floor. She can fetch and bring her toy back to me. She can catch food or anything I throw her way in her mouth and sit pretty for a treat. I’ve also taught her to say a nice hello to me instead of jumping all over me when I come in. She also knows that she isn’t supposed to bark for no reason. She is great in my car when we are driving. She seems to settle easily."

"I taught her how to respect the cat. Well really, the cat did that on her own but I did teach her to give kisses to the cat every morning when I give each of them a treat. Both of them know that the kisses have to happen before they get the treat. Fergie gives kisses but jumps back when she’s done just in case the cat decides to give her a love swat. Sometimes they run around the house together but it’s always the cat chasing the dog."

"Now it’s spring and it will soon be summer and so I thought it was a great time to teach Fergie some agility. So far the hoola hoop wasn’t a great idea but she is good at following and taking instruction so I think she will really enjoy the challenges of an agility course. I’m sure by the end of the summer she’ll be my little star. She is very eager to please.

Fergie is such a great companion. She knows my routine better than I do and is always by my side. I have never regretted getting her. I feel fortunate to have such a loyal friend."

Ann - Airdrie, AB.


"Our perfect Grace has been the best addition to our family. She is an incredibly smart, happy and playful dog. We can’t believe how sweet she is. Not a day goes by where we don’t consider ourselves lucky to have her companionship. Her affectionate and enthusiastic greetings delight. My only wish is to always have her by my side. Thank you Dawn! Love this pup!"


"Molly has brought nothing but love and joy since she pranced into our lives at 10 weeks old! To our 2 older dogs (10 and 12 years old) she has given them new found energy and “joie de vivre”. She brings kindness and compassion to my medical clinic where she settled in on day one.


Her gentle nature towards the elderly is heartwarming where she greets them and places her head on their shoulder.  Her tender playfulness with my younger patients is fun to watch and entertains the troops while they wait for their doctor.


Molly and I have now done a few obedience courses with Noel Pepin. She is smart! Loves to please and loves to do the jumps etc.  She has lots of energy yet can be quiet and calm for 8 hours in my office without much supervision (although do not leave your beef sandwich at nose level!). Cannot imagine life without Molly!

I also cannot say enough about Dawn. She is an awesome breeder. Her kennels are clean and her philosophy and love for her poodles are obvious. I cannot thank her enough for all her support. She is easily accessible for advise by phone or text she has been supportive and knowledgeable!"


Dr Denise McLeod - Prince George, BC.

"Our beautiful Ruby has been the best addition to our family. She fit right in with our older dog Birdie and the two are practically inseparable. Ruby is so smart and gentle and she was a breeze to train. She has a great sense of humour and loves to make us laugh at her antics in the yard or on hikes. The experience of adopting from Dawn was fabulous! Ruby was well cared for and socialized, ready to go home with us when we made the trip up to get her. Dawn also provided lots of support around house training tips and care for Ruby in the first few months. Ruby is 8 months old now and I can’t imagine our lives without her. Pure bred Standard poodles are the best - so smart and kind and they offer the added bonus of a shed-free dog. We love our Ruby!"

Lori Ann - Kamloops, BC.


"Meet our dog Cedar. He is a purebred Standard Poodle and a wonderful addition to our family.


He is gentle with children and likes our cats. He’s so smart and learns very quickly. I recently registered him to be trained as a crisis therapy dog.


I plan to share his training experience and levels with Dawn so you can all see what a wonderful dog Cedar is. I love my standard poodle."

Renae - Prince George, BC.


"We had a great experience getting Coco from Dawn, she was very patient and professional throughout the process.

She answered all of our questions, sent us pictures and videos of the puppies, gave us lots of tips and arranged all the shipping from Prince George to Victoria.

Coco is a happy, healthy dog with a great temperament, we haven’t had any problems with him and we wouldn’t hesitate to get another dog from Dawn in the future."

 Joanne -Victoria, BC.

"This is Rusty at 10 months old. He is smart, affectionate and very gentle with our kids and small dog alike. Like Dawn, we didn’t picture ourselves having a poodle, but I did lots of research when considering which dog to add to our family.


I wanted a dog that was hypoallergenic, smart, family friendly and able to run with me once it was old enough. I originally thought of a doodle, but was sold on the poodle when I met Dawn’s poodles. Poodles can have a “normal hair cut” just like a doodle and they have such great personalities!


Rusty is everything we could have asked for and more. I also appreciate the health guarantee as we have previously experienced a puppy with joint issues. I highly recommend Dawn’s poodles if you are looking for a wonderful, smart,  active, and affectionate companion."

Carley - Prince George, BC.